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Campaigns on Social, Mobile, Websites1 Campaigns on Mobile & SMS2  Go Viral!3 Engage your Fans and Followers4 Generate Leads & Grow Business5 Sweepstakes & Contests6 Generate Revenue from Fans7 Social CRM8 Measure and Tweak Campaigns9

Promotions Marketing on Website, Mobile, eMail and Social Media

Viralimpressions is technology provider to global brands, advertising agencies and small businesses. Our easy-to-use tools are built using leading edge technologies on our robust and scalable Social Media Marketing Platform. The platform helps generate leads by publishing campaigns across email, website, mobile, print and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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Extend Your Social Campaigns to Smart Phones and SMS

SOCIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS ON MOBILE SMS TEXT AND PRINT ADS WITH QR CODE Viralimpressions Social Media Marketing Suite significantly increases your customer touch points by allowing them to interact with your campaigns on their Mobile phones. You can also publish the campaigns through SMS, making them even more compelling. LEARN HOW TO EXTEND YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGNS ON MOBILE SMS

Using Social Media Marketing Suite you can


FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING GROW The rate of fan growth is critical metric to measure the success of social media campaign. Create fan only promotions or surprise promotions to grow fans by leaps and bounds. The viral nature of noteworthy promotions created using Social Media Marketing Suite will further spark rapid growth in fans.


FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING ENGAGE Brand advocates can be cultivated by deepening the relationships with customers and earning their loyalty. Fan exclusive attractive content can be created re-packaging current assets promote engagement. Limited time and compelling promotions, coupons and sweepstakes further increases engagement by leveraging psychological motivator of ticking clock.

Hyper Target

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING HYPER TARGET Promotions like coupons, sweepstakes, contests and group-deals directly reach the consumers that are eager to receive them. This method is significantly more effective than traditional demographic targeting of consumers with shallow interest.


FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING MONETIZE Compelling offers in coupons to ardent fans enable you to capitalize on consumer involvement. Strategies like fan-only product launches and fan-only pre-order for eagerly waiting fans create the necessary buzz and boost the revenue. Up-selling accessories and services to the satisfied customers and advocates further drive the revenue.


FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING MEASURE Marketing managers at brands and agencies can track performance, measure ROI and tweak the campaign as necessary all in real-time. The dashboard provides up-to-the-minute data on views, redeems and viral shares. The leads are down loadable in excel format or can be emailed.

SuperCharge Funnel

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING SUPERCHARGE FUNNEL Facebook promotions and twitter campaigns deliver significantly higher throughput from traditional marketing funnel by giving it a cyclic capability. After the awareness-interest-sale stages of traditional marketing funnel, the consumer turns in to a fan. The social media promotion gives him a convenient channel to be advocate and recommend the product.

Compliment Ads

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING COMPLIMENT ADS Strategy of combining banner advertisements with facebook and twitter promotions delivers the best of both worlds. It generates the awareness and traffic of a regular campaign and also facilitates more involvement from consumers about the brand. The viral and engaging effect of Social Media will significantly boost the ROI of any display campaign.

Viral Growth

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER MARKETING VIRAL GROWTH Promotions on twitter and campaigns on facebook intrinsically stimulate sharing. The compelling promotions ignite conversations among friends and become viral on social media networks. The best way to create interesting content is to use Social Media Marketing Suite to build fun promotions like coupons and sweepstakes that foster interaction and spread from person to person.